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Blogging is not just a conversation between yourself and the Internet. Blogging consists of, getting your message out there; in the most effective manner possible, as such Learning how to Blog is vitally important to your Business success

Foundations - Learning to Blog

Blogging is not a tool that young people and retired people' use when travelling around the country to keep friends and family informed about their latest adventure or how they discovered a new and unusual tribe of people in the heart of Australia. Rather Blogging is a tool which can, and should be utilised by all businesses alike, to promote your business, the products you have and the services which you offer.

However to truly benefit; you need to understand the foundations of blogging : do you go with one of the free accounts, should you pay for a hosted solution or should you go for a self hosted solution. Many people will initially opt for the free account and then go for the paid hosted account or upgrade their current free account.

Blogging can increase the visibility of your online business by have more relevant information which your customers are searching for. We will take you through all steps to help increase your online Selling Success

The Facts
- Google Loves blogs as there is content which is updated regularly
- Blogs get indexed extremely quickly (best effort was 48 hours to be number 1
   for 1 keyword phrase)
- like any webpage it does require some SEO work to rank well; but will be
   indexed and one first page in a short time frame
- Custom blogs can be implemented and running within 1 weekend.

Do not be held prisioner any longer and learn more about blogging and take control of your Business

Blog Training - Contact Information

For more Information please contact Short Courses at Holmesglens or Chisholm Tafe to make a booking for the Term 4 or contact One on One Training directly

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Blogging Course

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